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Bodymotion offers complementary therapies for relaxation, pampering and therapeutic benefits in the form of Body massage, Indian Head Massage, Natural Lift Facial Massage and Nutritional



Bodymotion's website was implemented by myself and is a good example of a website created by Ayling Computer Services. The site is based on a content management system and allows the administrator of the site full control on all of the content. This means that once the initial site is up and running you can add and edit the site without the need of a professional. All editing is done in an internet browser using a wordprocessor style interface. So you can change the fonts and size showing you exactly how it will look before publishing it to the website.


New Life Church

New Life Church meets every Sunday 10:30am at Wells Hall Old School (aka WHOS or Cornard Old School), Wells Hall Road, Sudbury, CO10 0NH


You are very welcome to join us for a time of worship together as a whole church before the children and teens go to their specific groups and the adults will then have a time of Bible teaching.


An example of a clean website design by Ayling Computer Services.


Fat Lava Pots

Another example of a website design by Ayling Computer services. On this website demonstrates 3 website extensions avaliable to be added to any design you want.


Accordian effect - Sliding content can be seen on the frontpage showing text and images.


Calendar Control - In the Diary Section is a calendar control.  This is connected to a control on the frontpage displaying the next 2 events in the


Contact Screen - A customisable form for end users to find out about you and fill in form to send an e-mail via the website to you.  Also a back end management to manage the e-mail requests.


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